Watch Czech Lion Winner ‘Lean a Ladder Against Heaven’

Doc Alliance Films

Over the weekend, the Czech Lion Awards (the Czech Republic’s Academy Awards) were held in Prague, and the honor of best documentary film went to Jana Sevcikova’s Lean a Ladder Against Heaven. And we are thrilled to be able to share the feature with our readers for free down below.

Once again, we thank Doc Alliance Films for the opportunity to feature films like this 101-minute Czech doc, which is about a Slovakian priest who cares for hundreds of people in need, including the homeless, handicapped and orphans. Normally Doc Alliance offers Lean a Ladder Against Heaven for around $2, but the rental fee has been waived through this Saturday, March 13th.

Here is the full synopsis of the film followed by a trailer in case you don’t want to just take the Czech Film and Television Academy’s word alone on its greatness:

Marian Kuffa is a priest in a small village of Zakovce in Slovakia. At his presbytery he cares for the homeless, former prisoners, boys and girls from orphanages, the handicapped and abused mothers with children. Altogether, the priest has hosted almost two hundred people. Some die, some are born, people come and go…A film about strong faith and the value of sacrifice, about how much one person is capable of giving for another, how much he loses like this as well as how much he wins.

(Editor in Chief)

Christopher Campbell is the founding editor of Nonfics.