Nonfics Is Now A Newsletter!


You may have noticed that the website has been dormant lately. This has been due to inadequate ad revenue and my unavailability to write reviews, conduct interviews, etc., for the last two years. Fortunately, I have now made the time to cover documentaries again, and a direct email newsletter is the best way to do so.

That’s right, Nonfics is now a newsletter via Substack, and you can subscribe here.

Why via Substack? I’m aware of the issues, and hopefully, I will find another host in the future, after getting started here. If you wish to wait until then, I understand. If you wish to not be a Nonfics subscriber at all, that is okay, too. I appreciate you at least giving this message a look.

What will a subscription to the Nonfics newsletter entail? Those opting for the free subscription will receive weekly reviews of new documentary films and series.

If you’re interested in more content, or you simply wish to support Nonfics, there is a $5/month subscription (or pay annually for just $55/year — one month free!). This will get you access to filmmaker interviews and a weekly guide to all the new documentary releases (there are a LOT) to help you with your viewing plans.

Paid subscriptions will also allow me (and possibly others in the future) to regularly cover documentaries. I think nonfiction-film criticism is very important, and it’s getting harder and harder to find proper documentary coverage — as opposed to lists that spoil “everything we learned” from the latest major streaming offerings.

There is also an option to pay more per year as a Founding Member, for added support of Nonfics. If you’re interested in that option, thank you very much!

You may unsubscribe at any time, and even then, you should be able to access reviews when they’re posted to the archives on the site. Most of this site will also likely be over there at some point after we redirect the URL.

Thank you again for reading this note and considering a continued subscription to Nonfics, paid or not. I look forward to getting back into the swing of things and delivering insightful documentary criticism to you directly, and also hopefully to hearing from you via comments or email.

I appreciate your time and support.

– Christopher Campbell

(Editor in Chief)

Christopher Campbell is the founding editor of Nonfics.