Christopher Campbell is the managing editor of Nonfics and a freelance writer and editor for Film School Rejects,, Fandango, and Moviefone. In the past he has contributed to Indiewire, MTV News, Movieline, Fandango, Spout, Documentary Magazine, Cinematical, Screen Crush, Pajiba, First Showing and The Documentary Channel Blog. He began writing film criticism and covering film festivals for a zine called Read, back when a zine could actually get you Sundance press credentials. Since then he has received a Master's degree in Cinema Studies from NYU, where he concentrated on nonfiction film.
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37 Promised Remakes of Documentaries That Still Haven’t Happened
This year we're set to see remakes of the documentaries 'Man on Wire,' 'Citizenfour,' 'Freeheld' and 'Our Brand is Crisis.' Meanwhile, remakes have recently been announced for 'Batkid Begins,' 'Virunga,' 'The Wolf Pack' and 'The Seven Five.' Will they actually happen or will they be stuck in development hell like such redo attempts as 'The King of Kong,' 'Hoop Dreams' and 'Sherman's March'? As you can see in this updated list, the number of optioned doc remakes is far greater than the number that are produced.
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Watch the Original Short Version of ‘Just About Famous’ for Free
We're hosting the online premiere of the 2010 short film about celebrity impersonators. A feature-length remake hits VOD next week.
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‘Living With Lincoln’ Details Peter Kunhardt’s Ancestry in His Own Words
With 'Living With Lincoln,' Emmy Award-winning filmmaker Peter Kunhardt ('Teddy: In His Own Words') profiles five generations of his own family and their work as Lincoln historians.
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‘Orion: The Man Who Would Be King’ Trailer
Jeanie Finlay's latest is one of our most anticipated documentaries of this year's Tribeca Film Festival.
Documentary Classics Paul Almond Shooting Seven Up
Interview: Paul Almond on Starting the ‘Up’ Series and Watching It Grow for Half a Century
RIP Paul Almond (1931-2015) Seven Up!, the original Granada special that began the ongoing Up series of documentaries was directed by Paul Almond and employed a young Michael Apted, who'd go on to continue to put out new documentaries on the same characters every seven years.
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Susan Sarandon Shares Her 8 Favorite Documentaries to Stream Online
The Oscar-winning actress has been involved with a whole lot of documentaries. Now she's curated a selection of her favorite nonfiction films, two of them being among those she worked on, for SundanceNow Doc Club.
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The Special Ironies and Uncomfortable Complexity of Robert Greene’s ‘Actress’
The latest documentary by Robert Greene ('Kati with an i,' 'Fake It So Real') follows a year in the life of Brandy Burre, as she looks to return to her career as an actress.
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How to Set a Documentary in the Future
With two new documentaries set in the future out this year, we take a look at the effectiveness of speculative nonfiction cinema.
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The 100 Most Necessary Documentaries to Stream on Netflix This April
Because some people don't think there's anything good to watch on Netflix Watch Instantly anymore, we've compiled an updated list of our top 100 recommended documentaries now available, as of December 1st, to stream on the site. This should keep you busy for a while.
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11 Best Mockumentaries
In honor of April Fool's Day, we turn our attention to the best in fake documentaries, some of which did indeed fool audiences.