Watch a Short Documentary On the Making of Michel Gondry’s ‘Is The Man Who Is Tall Happy?’

Chomsky Doc Animation

We don’t get enough making-of documentaries about other documentaries. But it makes sense that we should get one on Is The Man Who Is Tall Happy? An Animated Conversation With Noam Chomsky. For one thing, Michel Gondry is a filmmaker with a celebrated personality; people love to watch his mind work. For another thing, he made this doc primarily through simple animation using a Bolex, Sharpie markers on plain paper and a light box. It’s just a bonus that in the behind-the-scenes look we get here from Vice magazine’s The Creators Project and director/producer Jordan Kinley that Gondry amusingly looks kinda like a Hobbit and makes a funny mistake involving iTunes.

Watch the nine-minute video below and learn from one of the most creative filmmakers of today. And read more about the short and see some nice GIFs of the animation here.

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