Watch a Behind-The-Scenes Preview of Vince Vaughn and Glenn Beck’s Documentary Competition Reality Series

pursuit of truth

If you haven’t heard, Glenn Beck, actor Vince Vaughn and former child actor turned producer Peter Billingsley are apparently your shining knights if you’re a new documentary filmmaker looking to fund your project. Of course, it’s not that they’re just giving money away. You have to win it, or earn it, by competing in a Project Runway-type reality series called Pursuit of Truth.

The show, which will feature Billingsley as one of the judges, premieres next Thursday, September 12, on Beck’s TheBlaze network. That means you’ll only be able to watch if you have Dish or want to subscribe online (for a streaming service that you can view on your TV, tablet or mobile device). That means most of you won’t be able to just casually give this a shot without paying for the channel — although there is a free trial available.

Well, for now you can at least check out a behind-the-scenes look at Pursuit of Truth with an intro from Beck below. It’s a bit hard to tell how entertaining the program will be, but I might just go ahead and try TheBlaze out next week in order to cover the first episode. Stay tuned for that.

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