Video: Sebastian Junger Discusses ‘Korengal’ and His “Oddly Relaxing” Time at Outpost Restrepo

One of the most anticipated documentaries of the year, Korengal is the semi-sequel to the Oscar-nominated 2010 film Restrepo. Again mining the footage shot on the frontlines of the War in Afghanistan, at an outpost in the Korengal Valley, Sebastian Junger had planned to do this new-perspective follow-up with his late collaborator Tim Hetherington, who tragically died covering the Libya civil war soon after his appearance at the Academy Awards in 2011. Junger went ahead and finished it, and the result is currently in theaters.

Below is a video interview with Junger about the film courtesy of Barry Rubinow, a former VP at Documentary Channel who produced the DocTalk series there. In the brief clip, the director talks a bit about Hetherington, the reason for making another doc about the men at Outpost Restrepo and why he misses being there yet also why he’s done covering wars. Enjoy the video, and if you’re interested in seeing the movie, check out the website for where and when it’s playing your neighborhood.

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