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In the new year, we at Nonfics are making a harder push for quality content, and that means we need to make a harder push for support from readers and the documentary community. We want to continue delivering expert criticism and coverage of new and old nonfiction films, television and more. To do this, we need funding.

Nonfics is now hosted by Medium, which means we no longer have advertising. That’s a plus for readers, but it’s an obstacle for us in terms of being able to pay our contributors and therefore offer more great content. Through Medium, we make some money through a member paywall, and you’re invited to subscribe to that for $5/month, giving you access to tons of great articles in addition to our own. If you are a Medium member, “clapping” for our stories actually helps boost our earnings, so please click when you can.

With Nonfics only receiving a small piece of the Medium revenue pie, we are looking to fans and makers of documentaries to support us externally via Patreon. There aren’t really any perks, but pledges can be as low as $1/month. And for just $3/month, you’ll also become a subscriber with direct access to those articles that are locked for Medium members. Consider our Patreon as a fund for documentary criticism. The more it makes, the more films we’re able to review or showcase on Nonfics.

Our only other options will be to eventually close shop or make the investment to move Nonfics back to an ad-supported model. Neither is preferable, for us or our readers. In the documentary spirit, we need coverage that is free of influence. We can not be swayed by internet traffic or the need to make a profit. Our goal is to publish reviews of all sorts of documentaries and do so with short and longform critical discourse, of which there remains a shortage online and elsewhere.

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