RIP: Herman Wallace (1941–2013)

Herman Wallace  2/23/07

He was only free for a few days, following four decades in solitary confinement. Now Herman Wallace has passed away due to the liver cancer that led to his sympathetic release. A member of the “Angola 3” and long a focus of human rights and amnesty organizations, Wallace was partly the focus of the documentaries In the Land of the Free, Angola 3: Black Panthers and the Last Slave Plantation and most recently Herman’s House, which involved an activist art project to raise awareness of his confined living quarters and to help the man design a dream home were he to get out or prison. He died at age 71 on Friday morning at the home of a friend, supporter and brief caretaker. Read the New York Times obituary for more details.

Check out a clip from Herman’s House in which Wallace describes that perfect house. Hopefully he’s living there or somewhere better wherever he’s gone to.

Video: Herman's House: Herman Describes His Dream House | Watch POV Online | PBS Video

You can watch the whole doc now via POV streaming here.

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