Nonfics Seeks Passionate Writers on Documentary Cinema and Television

This week Nonfics turns two months old. We’re still in our infancy, but like all infants we are growing rapidly. And while Daniel, Dan, Robert and Landon have been doing a tremendous job contributing in this early stage, the handful of us are not enough to make the site as comprehensive a place for nonfiction fans as it could and should be. In case you haven’t noticed from our Docs in Theaters guides, a lot of films open every week. Additionally, new features, shorts, series and other formats of documentary and reality stories debut on DVD, VOD and TV all the time. There is a lot to watch, a lot to cover, a lot to share.

So, as we grow in awareness and readership, we’re also looking to grow in content we can offer. We want more voices discussing nonfiction through reviews, editorials, recommendations, lists, TV recaps, think pieces, interviews, filmmaker profiles, regular columns and more. We especially need some good news writers to deliver short briefs on nothing but the facts regarding fest program announcements, awards nomination announcements, trailer debuts and anything else of interest to our readers.

Of course, the catch for some of you might be that there is no financial compensation available at this time. At two months, Nonfics has a little ways to go still before it becomes a profitable outlet. But when it does, things will be different. Right now we’re hoping to find some smart, passionate people who want to write about docs and reality TV because there’s a need for this coverage and it’s hard to find or pitch elsewhere. Students, academics and filmmakers in particular are invited to submit guest posts.

Nonfics can’t publish everyone or every post that comes our way. Beggars can’t be choosers, sure, but we’re not begging so much as seeking investors of a kind, and we are looking for quality ideas and writing. If you think you have what we’re looking for and are interested in being either a part of our team or even just a one-time collaborator, write us at editor (at) nonfics (dot) com.

Thank you,

Christopher Campbell

Founding Editor, Nonfics

(Editor in Chief)

Christopher Campbell is the founding editor of Nonfics.