‘Let the Fire Burn’ and ‘The Pervert’s Guide to Ideology’ Top This Week’s Nonfics Home Picks


Most people don’t get to see documentaries until they arrive on a home video platform of some kind, whether it’s DVD, Blu-ray, VOD, iTunes, TV, Netflix streaming, etc. So, this may be the most important post of the week for fans of nonfics. Join us every Tuesday for a look at what documentaries and reality programming is recommended by myself and other contributors to the site. As always, if you know of something we missed or should be aware of, drop us an email or a note down below.

Here are our ordered picks for February 18, 2014:

1. Let the Fire Burn

[New to iTunes and Amazon Instant Video] — One of the best directorial debuts I’ve seen in years, this Cinema Eye Honor-winning compilation film by Georgetown professor Jason Osder came in at #5 on my list of the best of last year and #8 on our critics poll. It is also #5 on Nonfics’s best of 2013 list, where Landon Palmer wrote: “The concept of an archival documentary can often suggest stale historical “objectivity,” a straightforward presentation of events unimpeded by the voice of the filmmaker. But Jason Osder’s Let the Fire Burn — an assemblage of occurrences before and after the Philadelphia Police Department set an activist group’s house aflame in 1985 — makes a case for the rich and affecting testimony that the archive alone can uniquely attest to. Meticulously constructing the film from news coverage, home videos, court testimonies and a passionate series of town council meetings, Osder presents a profound chronicle of the MOVE Organization that makes an intensely troubling historical moment feel like it’s unfolding right in front of you.”

Also available on Google Play and YouTube

2. The Pervert’s Guide to Ideology

[New to iTunes and Amazon Instant Video] — Sophie Fiennes’s sequel to The Pervert’s Guide to Cinema reunites her with philosopher and cultural theorist Slavoj Zizek for more sequences where he’s inserted into movie scenes, this time to explore how ideology operates. Landon also penned our ★★★★ review, in which he writes: “hardly a gimmick, as Fiennes’ technique lends a fascinating immediacy to Zizek’s interchangeably insightful, dense, abstract, obvious and redundant ideas. She materializes the thinker’s mind in a way that one of Zizek’s fevered lectures or difficult manuscripts never could. One leaves The Pervert’s Guide to Ideology with a lingering sense that this is how academic essay films (or at least the seemingly expanding Žižek subgenre, specifically) should be done in the 21st century…a convincing piece of evidence that the language of cinema is not only compatible with complex ideas, but animates them like nothing else can.”

Also available on DVD

3. Norman Mailer: The American

[New to Amazon Instant Video] — Not the most polished or polite documentary, this profile on the 20th century icon by Joseph Mantegna is instead quite appropriately crude. Here’s what I wrote of the film at Nothing But the Doc: “it’s as fair and critical as it is certainly favorable as a memorial…the picture and sound, especially during interviews, would look terrible on TV let alone the giant screen of the Walter Reade Theater. It’s ugliness works for the crude man and language, though. A doc like this should look rather rough and unpolished and sound so distorted. Plus it doesn’t matter given how otherwise well-crafted it is. The sequence in which interviewees, including [first wife Adele Mailer], recount the events of the night Mailer stabbed her, is complemented by archive bullfight footage, quickly cut, and it is intense and emotional and mostly just awesome.”

Also available on DVD, Vudu and YouTube

4. Danland

[New to Netflix Watch Instantly] — This documentary about a producer and star of amateur pornography was one of my favorites from the 2012 Slamdance Film Festival. Here is what I wrote in the intro to my interview with its director, Alexandra Berger, for Documentary Channel: “The film begins with this man, ‘Porno’ Dan Leal, on his wedding day, but we can’t really see who the bride is. Then we go back a few years and watch his relationships grow and die, some resurrected, others gone for good. It’s truly a movie for equal enjoyment among couples. There’s the porn stuff for the guys and the romance for the girls. And for just general doc lovers it’s an entertaining look into a strange and complicated world.”

5. These Birds Walk

[New to Amazon Instant Video] — I am not the biggest fan of this film (see my ★★ review), but it has to be included and recommended since it did make my list of most memorable nonfiction moments of the year (for a riveting crowd sequence near the end) and it was also #7 on Nonfics’s best of 2013 list, where Robert Greene wrote: “Omar Mullick and Bassam Tariq’s debut feature is a near-perfect burst of cinematic poetry, from the vigorous opening shot to the quietly devastating final scenes. What begins as a portrait of Pakistani humanitarian Abdul Satar Edhi and his orphanage transforms into a deeply poignant study of youth under pressure and a potent reminder of the affecting possibilities of observation. The searching camera is constantly reframing these charismatic boys’ experiences, favoring exhilaration and sadness over issue-driven analysis. These Birds Walk is delicate, lovely and pulsating with life.”

Also available on DVD, iTunes and Google Play

6. Lucky

[Available on Amazon Instant Video] — Not a new release but a film that Dan Schindel highlighted as his latest Doc Option, this one to be paired up with the Oscar-nominated narrative feature Nebraska. Here’s an excerpt from that post: “Lucky was released in 2010 to little fanfare, despite coming from director Jeffrey Blitz, whose Spellbound was one of the most popular and well-loved docs of the 2000s. The film tours the lives of a few people upon whom fate has smiled most generously, those who have pulled off the one-in-two-hundred-million chance of winning the lottery. It examines who they were before their lives were drastically upheaved, and who they are now that they’ve come into such extraordinary comfort.”

7. The Human Scale

[New to iTunes and Amazon Instant Video] — This entry previously appeared in a Nonfics Home Picks last week. Andreas Dalsgaard’s new film is about urban design, looking specifically at architect and urban planner Jan Gehl and the cities of Copenhagen, Chongqing, New York City, Melbourne, Dhaka and Christchurch. In his ★★★★ review of the doc, Daniel Walber compares it to Gary Hustwit’s Urbanized, stating that the two films “elevate each other,” and calls The Human Scale “a widely scoped adventure” and “a tight, compelling and well-designed film about design,” acknowledging “that’s harder to pull off than one might think.”

Also available on DVD and other VOD and digital outlets

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The 99rs (ESPN Nine for IX)

1964 (American Experience)

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Secrets of Archeology: At the Court of the King of Kings

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Secrets of Archeology: The Cities of the Pharaohs

Secrets of Archeology: Cities of the Sea and Wind

Secrets of Archeology: The Civilization of the Heroes

Secrets of Archeology: Egypt According to Cleopatra

Secrets of Archeology: The Fabulous Centres of Hellenism

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Secrets of Archeology: The Roads to El Dorado

Secrets of Archeology: The Roman Empire in Africa

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Secrets of Archeology: Secrets of The Island of Minos

Secrets of Archeology: Travels Through Greece

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Secrets of Witchcraft and the Occult

Sick Birds Die Easy

Tyler Perry: Filmmaker, Business Entrepreneur, Entertainment Mogul

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