LEGO Documentary In the Works From Daniel Junge and Kief Davidson


There’s another LEGO movie on the way. Unlike the animated feature due out next year (The LEGO Movie, pictured above), this is a documentary about the building block toys, and it is currently without a title. It does have two Oscar-caliber directors joined together for the project. Academy Award winner Daniel Junge and nominee Kief Davidson, who in separate years were recognized for the similarly focused shorts Saving Face and Open Heart, respectively, have teamed up with the company that makes LEGOs to celebrate the awesome-ness of LEGOs. So, it sounds like even more of feature-length commercial than the one featuring LEGO people as characters.

Junge is quoted in the press release regarding the point of the film: “Any individual who has ever picked up a LEGO brick will be able to draw inspiration from these stories. From rural Indiana to the farmlands of China, from New York City to Munich, from Copenhagen to Sao Paolo — children and adults alike have used LEGO bricks to heal, educate and express themselves.”

There’s also a quote from someone at LEGO stating that the doc will focus on the “footprint” the toys have had around the world, but let’s not give too much attention to the self-congratulation. Yes, we all loved the toy growing up, and there’s a weird interest in LEGOs now with the video game movie remakes and such, but I don’t know what a documentary can really offer us that we aren’t already aware of. Interestingly enough, the release is expected sometime early 2014, which means it could coincide with the animated LEGO movie. I don’t foresee either Junge or Davidson garnering more Oscar nods with this one.

(Editor in Chief)

Christopher Campbell is the founding editor of Nonfics.