Joe Berlinger’s ‘HANK: Five Years From the Brink’ to Premiere Exclusively on Netflix Next Week

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Netflix recently announced they were getting into the documentary production business, but before that the DVD and streaming service has another nonfiction exclusive for us: Joe Berlinger’s HANK: Five Years From the Brink. The Oscar-nominated director of the Paradise Lost trilogy teamed up with the brand new label Bloomberg Businessweek Films for the project, which focuses on and features exclusive interviews with former U.S. Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson.

HANK hits Netflix one week from today, September 16, 2013, timed to the fifth anniversary of the end of Lehman Brothers, a significant moment of the financial crisis. In the film, Paulson talks about his task at that time to keep the U.S. economy from collapsing. According to the press release, “Paulson tells the complete story of how he worked to persuade banks, members of congress, and presidential candidates to sign off on nearly $1 trillion in bailouts — even as he found the behavior that led to the crisis, and the bailouts themselves, morally reprehensible. Paulson also details here why another fiscal crisis is inevitable.”

Additionally, Paulson tells of his own life and hesitancy to take the position of Treasury Secretary. His wife Wendy is also interviewed, apparently revealing the family’s dislike of the Bush Administration among other things.

Check out a trailer for the doc at the Bloomberg Businessweek site here.

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