Exclusive Clip From Chris Marker’s ‘Remembrance of Things to Come’

remembrance of things to come

Beginning tomorrow, Chris Marker and Yannick Bellon’s 2001 short essay film Remembrance of Things To Come, about the latter co-director’s photographer mother Denise Bellon, will be available to stream on Fandor. If you’re not already a subscriber to the site’s library of movies then you’ve missing out on a lot of classics, including those of the nonfiction variety. If you’re a fan of Marker, for instance, I believe his work is programmed there regularly.

In anticipation of Remembrance, which I admit I haven’t yet seen (but will be checking out once it goes live this week), Nonfics is happy to share a brief tease in the form of an exclusive clip. I can’t call it a scene or set it up too much, but it’s a sequence of the 42-minute still-image montage in which narrator Alexandra Stewart talks of the start of the Alliance Photo Agency in 1934 and then shows a quick succession of pictures Bellon took of such people as Picasso, Henry Miller and the not famous, too. Then there’s discussion of her relationship to Andre Breton and shares comments he wrote about artist Joan Miro and others before concluding on an image Bellon took of Marchel Duchamp.

Watch below.

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