Docs In Theaters: ‘Finding Vivian Maier,’ ‘Jews of Egypt,’ ‘Mistaken For Strangers’ and ‘Veil of Tears’


Nonfics is not able to review every documentary and nonfiction film released in the U.S. That’s why Docs In Theaters is here to provide at least a guide to all the new releases, without critical thoughts. Where available, we will link to our own review of the film or a review at our sister site, Film School Rejects.

Finding Vivian Maier

Written, produced and directed by John Maloof and Charlie Siskel (executive producer of Religulous)

Executive produced by Jeff Garlin (This Filthy World)

Edited by Aaron Wickenden (The Interrupters)

Featuring Maloof, Tim Roth, Phil Donahue, Mary Ellen Mark

Official Synopsis: Who is Vivian Maier? Now considered one of the 20th century’s greatest street photographers, Vivian Maier was a mysterious nanny who secretly took over 100,000 photographs that went unseen during her lifetime. Since buying her work by chance at auction, amateur historian John Maloof has crusaded to put this prolific photographer in the history books. Maier’s strange and riveting life and art are revealed through never-before-seen photographs, films, and interviews with dozens who thought they knew her. [IFC Films/Sundance Selects]

Winner of the Grand Jury Prize (tie) at the 2014 Miami Film Festival.
Winner of the John Schlesinger Award at the 2014 Palm Springs International Film Festival.

Nonfics Rating: ★★★★ [Review by Dan Schindel]

Now playing at the IFC Center and Lincoln Plaza Cinemas in New York City and The Landmark in Los Angeles. Opens in Chicago next week.

For details on current and upcoming theatrical openings, check the See the Film page on the film’s website.

Jews of Egypt

Directed by Amir Ramsis

Official Synopsis: A documentary that captures fragments of the lives of the Egyptian Jewish community in the first half of the twentieth century until their second grand exodus after the tripartite attack of 1956 .. An attempt to understand the change in the identity of the Egyptian society that turned from a society full of tolerance and acceptance of one another .. and how it changed gradually by mixing religious and political views into a society that rejects the others .. a film about the cosmopolitan Egypt in the 40’s and Egypt in the new millennium .. how did the Jews of Egypt turn in the eyes of Egyptians from partners in the same country to enemies ..[Session Film Production]

Nonfics Rating: n/a

Now playing at the Quad Cinema in New York City.

For details on other screenings, check the News and Events page on the film’s website.

Mistaken For Strangers

Directed by

Produced by Matt Berninger, Carin Besser and Craig Charland (American Meat)

Executive produced by Marshall Curry (Oscar-nominated director of Street Fight and If a Tree Falls)

Featuring The National (Matt Berninger, Aaron Dessner, Bryce Dessner, Bryan Devendorf, Scott Devendorf), Werner Herzog, Barack Obama, John Krasinski, Emily Blunt, Will Arnett

Official Synopsis: Matt, the lead singer of the critically acclaimed rock band The National, finally finds himself flush with success. His younger brother, Tom, is a loveable slacker — a filmmaker and metal-head still living with his parents in Cincinnati. On the eve of The National’s biggest tour to date, Matt invites Tom to work for the band as a roadie, unaware of Tom’s plan to film the entire adventure.

What starts as a rock documentary soon becomes a surprisingly honest portrait of a charged relationship between two brothers, and the frustration of unfulfilled creative ambitions. [Abramorama Entertainment]

Winner of the Founders Prize Special Award at the 2013 Traverse City Film Festival.

Nonfics Rating: ★★★★ [Review by Christopher Campbell]
Film School Rejects Grade: A- [Review by Kate Erbland] or B+ [Review by Landon Palmer]

Now playing at the IFC Center in New York City and nationwide in event screenings through April.

For details on current and upcoming theatrical showings, check the Screenings page on the film’s website.

Also now available on iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, Vudu and cable VOD.

Veil of Tears

Written and directed by Kenny and Kyle Saylors (Hollywood on Fire)

Narrated by Natalie Grant

Official Synopsis: This gripping new documentary film tells the untold story of millions of women in India who are culturally oppressed for no other reason than the fact that they are women. However, despite the centuries of oppression, there are those who are reaching out and trying to change the culture towards women, from the inside out.

These are the faces of true survivors. Those who have withstood a lifetime of adversity in the face of a culture stacked against them. Take a heartfelt journey through the eyes of these women, and others, who unveil their personal stories of persecution, rejection, abandonment, tragedy and even triumph. Get a glimpse of the true resilience of the human spirit and the hope that has changed the lives of millions like these and is helping change millions more. [Saylors Brothers Entertainment]

Nonfics Rating: n/a

Now playing in limited release nationwide.

For details on current and upcoming theatrical showings, check the Theater Locations page on the film’s website.

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