Barack Obama Shares the Secret to Great Leadership in ‘The Final Year’ Clip

Watch an inspiring scene from the new documentary.

Democrats are sure to be in a mournful mood while watching The Final Year, but that doesn’t mean the new documentary is totally depressing. In fact, for fans of Barack Obama and his presidency, the film does feature a lot of favorable moments, with some of them even inspiring viewers.

One particular scene features Obama sharing some wisdom with a young crowd in China. Asked for advice on how to be a great leader, he suggest that people respond well to stories, especially those about what could be, like the one at the heart of the United States Declaration of Independence.

In the clip below, he explains that great leaders listen to people and learn their stories and the stories that are important to them.

In his review of The Final Year for Nonfics, Brad Gullickson sees the doc as having more of an air of what could have been rather than what could be:

The Final Year is a funeral of a film Barker may not have set out to process our mourning, but in recording the slow revelation of Trump’s possible/inevitable presidency in the hearts and minds of Obama’s cronies, we are forced to grieve for what might have been. Is there a fringe universe somewhere out there that doesn’t implode with every governmental sanctioned tweet? The Final Year allows us to lament, to wallow in our present-day misery.”

The Final Year opens in theaters on January 19th.

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