100 Must-See Documentaries Streaming on Netflix This February

Crazy Love (Magnolia Pictures)

Only two classic documentaries on our Netflix 100 list expired this month, Man on Wire and Kurt & Courtney. However, there is another, Jesus Camp, which leaves the streaming service on February 21st. I’m keeping that on the list to remind you to get to it ASAP. Actually, I’ve moved it up higher than usual to have it more visible and give it greater priority for you. I think I’m going to also introduce newly available titles at the top of the list from now on, so they’re more immediately seen. Returning titles, though, such as Pumping Iron, will just go back where they had been previously.

Besides the Arnold Schwarzenegger bodybuilding film, other additions to the list this month include the currently Oscar-nominated feature Cartel Land (joining fellow nominees Winter on Fire: Ukraine’s Fight for Freedom and What Happened, Miss Simone?) and the currently Oscar-nominated shorts Last Day of Freedom and Chau, Beyond the Lines (see our doc short nominees reviews here). There’s also Ulrich Seidl’s latest, In the Basement, which was on our best of 2015 list, and the nonfiction rom-com Meet the Patels (read my review at FSR). I’m mainly highlighting that, as well as continued favorite here Crazy Love because of Valentine’s Day.

Of course, I had to remove some films that didn’t expire. They are Kumare, which I’m constantly back and forth on recommending, and three films I still personally haven’t watched, How to Change the World, Dior and I and Seymour: An Introduction. As always, I still encourage their viewing on account of their recommendation from others here at Nonfics. And they could always return to he Netflix 100 list in the future.

Now a reminder of how the Netflix 100 titles are numerically arranged:

They are mostly ranked in order of my favor with some objective authority, but there are some clumps throughout the list that obviously fit together. Some are by director, some are by genre or subject matter and some are by series. In fact, I see this whole list as being best watched in order of the rankings. There are a few double features in the bunch (Expedition to the End of the World and Encounters at the End of the World and Super Size Me and Super High Me, for two example sets) and some groupings where I truly think the higher ranking title is best watched before a certain title or titles below it.

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Christopher Campbell is the founding editor of Nonfics.