10 Under-Appreciated Food Documentaries Worth Sinking Your Teeth Into

Happy Thanksgiving! In between cooking your feast, watching football, eating your feast and enjoying family time, we invite you to check out our obligatory list of great, underrated food documentaries. Including features by Wiseman, Blank, Kopple, Chang and Murrow & Friendly and a Disney short, it’s a smorgasbord of films that appeal to a whole variety of tastes. We recommend you try at least a bit of everything.

In Theaters
‘The Immortalists’ Review: Too Limited in Scope for a Film About Trying to Go On Forever

‘The Immortalists’ is a documentary directed by David Albarado and Jason Sussberg about eccentric scientists trying to find the secret to living forever. Our critic claims the science is interesting but the main characters are unfortunately not.

‘The Realness’ Episode 15: ’12 O’Clock Boys’

In this week’s episode, Daniel and Christopher are joined by Kristy Puchko (Cinema Blend; PopCrush) to discuss Lotfy Nathan’s ’12 O’Clock Boys,’ which is one of the most critically acclaimed and honored docs of 2014 so far. Somehow the three of us are united in not thinking it’s such a great film, though it is definitely one with a lot to discuss.