The Doc Option: Watch ‘The Killing of America’ Instead of ‘Sin City: A Dame to Kill For’

This week’s recommended alternative to a new theatrical release is a shocking documentary never before released in America. Directed by Sheldon Renan and Oscar nominee Leonard Schrader, ‘The Killing of America’ is easily found online to watch instead of the ‘Sin City’ sequel, but obviously it’s very much NSFW. Maybe NSFH as well.

In Theaters
‘Expedition to the End of the World’ Review: Beautiful, Contemplative and Tumultuous

This adventure documentary directed by Daniel Dencik (an editor on ‘The Five Obstructions’ and ‘Into Eternity’) follows art and science to the brink, sailing boldly north to a melting Greenland with a mission of discovery.

‘The Realness’ Episode 15: ’12 O’Clock Boys’

In this week’s episode, Daniel and Christopher are joined by Kristy Puchko (Cinema Blend; PopCrush) to discuss Lotfy Nathan’s ’12 O’Clock Boys,’ which is one of the most critically acclaimed and honored docs of 2014 so far. Somehow the three of us are united in not thinking it’s such a great film, though it is definitely one with a lot to discuss.