The 6 Best Documentaries of the 2014 Toronto International Film Festival

The 2014 Toronto International Film Festival finished up over the weekend, and our liaison up north managed to watch nearly 20 of the documentaries offered in the program. Of those, he highlights a third that he considers the top nonfiction selections of the event.

‘Fight Church’ Review: An Engaging Look at a Point Where Religion Meets Macho Posturing

Directed by Oscar winner Daniel Junge (‘Saving Face’) and Bryan Storkel (‘Holy Rollers’), this film looks at the intersection of Christianity and MMA fighting, focusing on ministers who also participate in violent cage matches. Obviously it’ll make a great double-feature with the 2012 doc ‘Ultimate Christian Wrestling.’

‘The Realness’ Episode 15: ’12 O’Clock Boys’

In this week’s episode, Daniel and Christopher are joined by Kristy Puchko (Cinema Blend; PopCrush) to discuss Lotfy Nathan’s ’12 O’Clock Boys,’ which is one of the most critically acclaimed and honored docs of 2014 so far. Somehow the three of us are united in not thinking it’s such a great film, though it is definitely one with a lot to discuss.