‘F for Fake,’ ‘Los Angeles Plays Itself’ and ‘We the Economy’ Top This Week’s Nonfics Home Picks

This week’s recommended documentaries to watch on Netflix and other home viewing platforms includes Orson Welles’s ‘F for Fake,’ Thom Andersen’s ‘Los Angeles Plays Itself,’ the Morgan Spurlock productions ‘We the Economy’ and ‘A Brony Tale,’ Ashley Sabin and David Redmon’s ‘Downeast’ and two finalists for the next documentary short Oscar.

Also inside is our guide to all the rest of the docs new to DVD, Blu-ray, Netflix Instant, Amazon Instant and more. Also check out our weekly TV guide.

8 Short Documentaries Named to 2014 Oscar Shortlist Include the Stunning ‘White Earth’

This year’s Oscar shortlist for the documentary shorts category includes the stunning ‘White Earth,’ plus ‘The Lion’s Mouth Opens,’ a new film by former nominee Lucy Walker (‘The Tsunami and the Cherry Blossom’). They come from as far as China, Poland and Mexico and deal with such subject matter as cancer, rare and incurable disease, veterans’ trauma, the loss of children to a disaster, the North Dakota oil boom, a famous artist and animal slaughter.

‘Citizenfour’ Review: Both Essential Journalism and a Gripping Profile of Lived Truth

‘Citizenfour,’ the third film in Laura Poitras’s trilogy on America after 9/11, is a gripping chronicle of Edward Snowden’s leak of documents related to the NSA’s surveillance program, as well as a complex profile of how the political bombshell affected him and the journalists who help him break the story.

‘The Realness’ Episode 15: ’12 O’Clock Boys’

In this week’s episode, Daniel and Christopher are joined by Kristy Puchko (Cinema Blend; PopCrush) to discuss Lotfy Nathan’s ’12 O’Clock Boys,’ which is one of the most critically acclaimed and honored docs of 2014 so far. Somehow the three of us are united in not thinking it’s such a great film, though it is definitely one with a lot to discuss.